A casino is a very intriguing game. Most people start playing because of the money it involves. But there have been some people in history who have come out of this game with loads of money. Who are those people? Let’s find out.

Richard Marcus:

This professional casino player made millions before he was caught. He used the trick which was later known as ‘The Savannah’. In this trick, Richard used to bet huge and then cut it in small if he loses. Suppose there is $5 chip on a stack of the column. When the player wins he gets excited and starts yelling. Then, Richard would remove the bottom chip and replace it. If the best results in a loss, then Richard would only lose $10. This trick had been done earlier but Richard reversed it. There are claims by him on his website about the tricks he still performs in casinos and that they still don’t catch him.

Louis Colavecchio:

Louis also famously known as ‘The coin’ is one of the unique people on our list. His uniqueness lies in the fact that he used to counterfeit the coins made out of metal and stone. At one point even the officials were unsure whether the coins he minted were original or duplicate. The things that were found in Colavecchio’s possession were so large that the government had to rent two storage facilities.

Kerry Packer:

Also known as the whales, this Australian media giant was a huge gambler and was known for his lavish lifestyle. It is believed that he gambled up to $450,000 daily on blackjack. It is also said that once he wagered nearly $25 million equally on four roulette tables and lost it all.


Kashiwagi :

A real estate investor, Kashiwagi was a huge gambler. He would regularly appear crossing Pacific from far away from Tokyo to gamble in Vegas and Atlantic City casinos. In one of the many unfortunate events, it is believed that Kashiwagi went into Donald Trump’s casino and came back $10 million lighter.

Dominic LoRiggio:

Dominic was a master of controlling dices. It is said that controlling a dice is impossible but LoRiggio used to control two dices. He said that he could do it using simple physics. Known as ‘The Dominator’ Dominic would often practice, sometimes even hours to master this skill. The technique involves gripping dices in a precise manner than tossing them and landing them as gently as possible to get the desired results.